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Welcome to Mutsu-Ogawara Industrial Park.

There is vast land for sale in Mutsu-Ogawara Industrial Park (MOIP) for their industrial activities.

Size of land lot is up to the clients both Japanese and non-Japanese (i.e.)from 0.12ha to 500ha.

It must be noted that large-scale land,a rarity in Japan,is available.


MOIP is located in Rokkasho Village, at the foot of Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture.The beautiful landscape includes large forests surrounded by two lakes. Takahoko and Obuchi -- like a northern Europe country.


Total land, available is about 5,300ha, of which the area for sale is 2,800 ha. 1,160 ha has already been sold.

Existing Facilities

On the 1160 ha of land already sold, the following facilities have been built or are under construction.

  • National crude petroleum saving tanks for emergency. (the capacity is 7 times the daily consumed volume in Japan)
  • A reprocessing plant for used nuclear fuel generated from nuclear power stations
  • Low level radioactive waste storage facilities
  • High level radioactive waste storage facilities
  • Research institute of science and technology on environment

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Annual average temperature is about ten degrees centigrade and average rainfall is 1500 mm. Lightening is of a rarity at MOIP.

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It takes about 40 minutes by car from Misawa Airport and 100 minutes from Aomori Airport. (one-hour aerial journy from Tokyo)

There is a highway from Tokyo to Aomori via Hachinohe. The distance between them is about 700 km. Hachinohe is located 20 minutes from Misawa by car.

Shinkansen bullet train is now available. It takes 2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo.

As for port facilities, two public quay of -7.5m depth and seven public berths of 5.5m depth are ready. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is now building latest type of quay, capable of accommodating vessels up to forty-thousand dead weight tons.

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Rokkasho Village has a population of 12,000.

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Major surrounding facilities

United States Air Force base in Misawa, employing, 10000.

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Management Body

Governmental assistance

United States Air Force base in Misawa, employing, 10000.

  1. Discount in the price of land --. 5,000yen per one square meter if following conditions are met.
    1. Operation starts within three years after possession.
    2. Employ more than 5 persons
    3. Size of purchased land is more than 1,200 square meters.
  2. Discount in electric power rate.
  3. Subsidy for construction of production facility or sales facility.
  4. Subsidy for assisting relocation from big crowded cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya to MOIP.
  5. Subsidy for employee housing and commercial facility.
  6. Subsidy for promoting employment of persons younger than 25 years of age.
  7. Subsidy for promoting settlement of R&D facilities.
  8. Variety of loan offers.

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